Multi View Double Demonstration Teaching and Discussion Microscope

PRODUCT CODE : AV 136DDR For Right Seating of Co-Observer

PRODUCT CODE : AV 136DDL For Left Seating of Co-Observer


The Adeltavision AV51 Series Model No. AV51 DD represents the single mould die casting frame for advanced multi-view discussion microscopy for bright field transmitted light application delivering high contrast and sharp images through ‘AP’ Plan Infinity Colour Corrected Optical System and 22 mm large F.O.V.

It incorporates the state of the art high performing built in Powerful LED lighting source equivalent to 100 W halogen bulb.

This Model DD is configured to multi-head teaching and discussion microscope providing observation to two observers simultaneously.

You can choose right seating or left seating of the co-observer as per your choice at the time of placing of order.

The “APCAM5” 5 Megapixel HDMI camera multi-output is provided as standard configuration with this model

The built in moveable LED Green pointer is light adjustable for pointing area of interest to the co-observer in the whole viewing field simultaneously.

The swing out Abbe condenser provides even illumination at low power objective.

The Microscopic image field of view remains the same in the two viewing heads with same brightness and the same image is simultaneously observed by two doctors at the same time on all the viewing heads for discussion using illuminating Green LED Pointer with adjustable brightness.

ADELTAVISION AV51 DD Specification Sheet

Standard Main FrameWide body design, ensuring maximum stability, smaller foot print base, antifungal PU paint, colour textured white.
Optical SystemInfinity plan colour corrected optical system.
Main Trinocular Viewing Head Anti Mould – 1 No.30° inclined sidentopf trinocular viewing head 50:50 lights equal split between Binocular & Photo Tube with 0.5X camera adaptor. High transmission prisms (antifjungal coated) 360° rotatable & secured, ±5 diopter adjustment on both eyepiece tubes or (left one is adjustable and right one is fixed). Inter -Pupillary distance (I.P.D) RANGE 48~75 MM.
Connecting BridgeTelescopic Bridge with Pillar mounting post – 1 No. (For left or Right Seating of Co-Observer).
Binocular Heads Anti-Mould – 1 No.30° inclined sidentopf binocular viewing head, high transmission prisms (antifungal coated) 360° rotatable & secured, ±5 diopter adjustment on both eyepiece tubes or (left one is adjustable and right one is fixed). Inter-pupillary distance (I.P.D) range 48~75 mm.
Antifungal Eye PieceAdelta Optec Make High Eye Point Plan WF 10X/22mm – 4 Nos. with antifungal coated lens. Spectacles wearer observer & Normal Eye sight person both can look through this easily.
Adelta Optec Plan Apochromat Objective (Antifungal)‘AP’ Adelta optec ultra high resolution Din size plan achromat, infinity colour corrected objectives fitted with multilayer coated lenses made from imported optical glass . DIN Standard AP 4X (0.10 N.A ∞/0.17), AP 10X (0.25 N.A. ∞/17), AP 40X (0.65 N.A. ∞/0.17) and AP 100 X oil immersion (1.25 N.A ∞/17) spring loaded silicon sealed. All are precisely parfocal, parcentered and color coded.
Nosepiece Precision (Reverse Angle)Quadruple objective turret is ball-bearing mounted for smooth, precise positioning of objectives, smooth forward turn, parafocal & paracenter, internal click stop with multiple bearings. Knurling on metal rim for grip.
Stage Precision Ball BearingPrecision ball bearing type, traverse 76mm (X) and 40mm (Y), vernier reading 0.1 mm. Low positioned co-axial knobs, soft feel and fluid movement. Size 135mm (L) X 120 mm (W) painted with hard PU paint.
FocusingCoaxial Coarse & fine focusing Adjustment with stage lock, fine focusing scale value 0.002mm.

Sub stage adjustable swing out Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with circular iris diaphragm.
Light Source Built In3 watt LED variable intensity built-in illumination, Brightness adjustable. External Plug in power supply Adaptor : Input 230V, Output 12V, 2 amp – 1 No.
Green LED Arrow Pointer (Standard Outfit)Green Led arrow pointer brightness adjustable for ease of demonstration. External Plug in power supply Adaptor : Input 230V, Output 5V, 1amp – 1 No.
Colour Camera AP CAM 5Driver free Multiple output HDMI AP CAM 5 MP camera with on chip software for image capture & Edit, SD Card 32 GB, HDMI Cable, Wireless Mouse, Software CD – 1 (for windows operating system) No., External Plug in power supply Adaptor : Input 230V, Output 5V, 1amp – 1 No.
AccessoriesProtection Cover, Allen Key, Instruction Manual : 1 No.
Gross Weight20 Kgs apporx. Styrofoam box, master thick main card board carton.

Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.