Infinity Binocular Inclined 30° Angle Sidentopf Type LED Laboratory Microscope

SERIES : AV51 | MODEL : AV51iB30 SF22


The Adeltavision Model : AV51iB30 SF22 is an innovative line of 30° inclined sidentopf binocular biological microscope with refined style and with plan infinity optical system suitable for demanding laboratory microscopy applications with plan field of view of 22mm.

In fact, these microscope mount as standard LED illumination, wide field eyepieces, Centered nosepiece, Coaxial coarse and fine gear focusing with ball bearing stage, lock lever. All this combined with an refined unicast single mould design, ergonomic and sturdy aluminium pressure die cast stand with infinity plan-achromatic Infinity objectives, give to these microscopes the capability to match a wide range of applications from educational use in various disciplines to routine laboratory work.

All the Plan achromat objectives, Prisms and Eyepieces of these microscope are anti fungal coated.

ADELTAVISION AV51iB30 SF22 Specification Sheet

Standard Main FrameOne piece die casted aluminium mould design, white semi gloss uniform textured finish antifungal PU paint.
Optical SystemInfinity Optical System.
Built-in white LED IlluminationHigh intensity precentered 3 watt LED, variable light intensity control with separate On/Off switch. Easy LED technology provides cool white even illumination, energy-efficient light for up to 50,000 hours.
Viewing Head (Anti-fungal) Infinity30° inclined sidentopf binocular viewing head, high transmission prisms (antifungal coated) 360° rotatable & secured, ±5 diopter adjustment on both eyepiece tubes or (left one is adjustable and right one is fixed). Inter-pupillary distance (I.P.D) range 48~75 mm.
Light division 50% : 50%
Eyepiece lens (Anti-fungal)High eye point CWF 10x/22mm supplied as standard – 2 Nos. Wide field type Antifungal and High transmission or diopter adjustable eyepiece.
‘AP’ Plan Apochromat Objectives (Anti-fungal)‘AP’ Adelta optec ultra high resolution plan Din size apochromat, infinity colour corrected objectives fitted with multilayer coated lenses made from imported optical glass. DIN Standard AP 4X (0.10 N.A ∞/0.17), AP 10X (0.25 N.A. ∞/17),AP 40X (0.65 N.A. ∞/0.17) and AP 100 X oil immersion (1.25 N.A ∞/17) spring loaded silicon sealed. All are parfocal, parcentered and color-coded.
Precision Nose-pieceQuadruple objective turret is ball-bearing mounted for smooth, precise positioning of objectives, smooth forward turn, parafocal & paracenter, internal click stop with multiple bearings. Knurling on metal rim for grip.
Focusing MechanismCo-axial coarse with fine focusing system, multiple gear driven on roller guides. Coarse/Fine focusing range 24 mm. Fine focusing knob is graduated in 2µm scale increments. Torque control (tension adjustment) & safety auto focus stop on coarse movement, allows user to lock & set upper limit of stage to prevent glass specimen slide from crashing into objective lens.
Mechanical Stage RectangularPrecision ball bearing type, traverse 76mm (X) and 35mm (Y), vernier reading 0.1 mm. Low positioned co-axial knobs, soft feel and fluid movement. Size 144mm (L) X 120 mm (W) painted with hard PU paint.
Sub Stage Precentred CondenserPrecision Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 Built into the stage plate, provides extra bright collimated & even illumination at all magnifications, High contrast is achieved by a built-in Circular precision Iris diaphragm i.e. accurately centered. Vertical adjustment of condenser 18 mm adjustable by rack & pinion movement by left hand placed knob.
Power SupplyPlug-in external SMPS power supply, Input : 100-240VAC 50-60Hz 0.3 Amp., Output: 5VDC/1.0 Amp. Plugs into DC socket fitted into the microscope rear main frame with On/Off switch.
AccessoriesProtection Cover, Allen Key, AC-DC 5V/1.0 Amp., Adapter : 1 No., Instruction Manual : 1 No.
PackingLength x Width x Height (440mm x 325mm x 275mm), Gross Weight : 5.8 Kgs, Approx Microscope packed inside in Styrofoam Box – Net Weight 4.8 Kgs.
Optional (Not for Export)Battery Backup 3.7V 1000 mAH Li-ion Battery backup 3 hours for led illumination on full capacity and battery backup 10 hours for led illumination on 35% capacity.

Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.